Stirner’s Critics Errata

There were a small number of errors in the initial 2012 printing of Stirner’s Critics, now corrected in subsequent printings. If you happen to have an early version of the book itself, or of a .pdf or other document file, you can check this list to correct any errors.

Page 41, lines 25-26 should read:

but it is also no enemy of critique

as in the whole sentence reproduced here:

Though, as Stirner makes clear, his “Egoism ... is not opposed to love nor to thought; it is no enemy of the sweet life of love, nor of devotion and sacrifice; and it is no enemy of intimate warmth, but it is also no enemy of critique, nor of socialism, nor, in short of any actual interest....”

Page 65, final line of the page should read:

stood as a tendency towards one’s own interest.

Page 70, last line of second paragraph should read:

in this: it is an immediate expression of this scrupulousness.

After initial publication the translator decided to change his translation of Stirner’s uses of the German “Kopf” from “head” to “thinker” on pages 96, 98 and 99.

Page 99, line 7: The unpaired, right parenthesis should be removed.