An Interview with Jason McQuinn (1998)

On September 3, 1998 Mark B. interviewed Jason McQuinn in Columbia, Missouri for his booklet Passionate and Dangerous: Conversations with Midwestern Anti-Authoritarians and Anarchists, which included interviews with people in Chicago, St. Louis, Tennessee, Detroit, Columbia, Missouri and Bloomington, Indiana. A few copies of Passionate and Dangerous are still available directly from CAL Press for $3.00 postpaid in the US or $6.00 postpaid outside of the US. Mark: You’ve been publishing Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed since 1980. Jason: Yes. Mark: What have been your goals in publishing Anarchy?  It started off as a small, sporadic publication. It’s grown quite considerably since 1980. Jason: Originally, Anarchy was supposed to be a local newsletter, very practically oriented actually, for getting anarchist projects, or anarchist slants on projects distributed in the local Columbia community. Pretty early on it became quite obvious that people outside of Columbia were more interested in the newsletter. So the dynamics  of the newsletter changed to make us feel that a tabloid would be a more practical format, to reach the people we wanted to reach, and to give us the space to have longer articles which people outside Columbia were more interested in, and eventually a magazine format made more sense, because of interest around the world. At this point, hardly any copies are distributed in Columbia. Mark: This was in spite of the fact that there was an anarchist grocery, an anarchist housing cooperative, Third Continue reading

Max Stirner: the anarchist every ideologist loves to hate

by Jason McQuinn Max Stirner (pseudonym for Johann Caspar Schmidt) is best known as an early European anarchist and as a central figure in the dissolution of the post-Hegelian philosophical milieu during the years leading up to the Prussian Revolution (and wider revolutionary events) of 1848. Born in 1806, he went to gymnasium (somewhat equivalent to U.S. high school) and universities in an education system dominated by Hegelianism, studying philosophy, philology and theology – at times in lectures from G.W.F. Hegel himself. After achieving only limited success in his university exams, Stirner taught at a girls’ gymnasium in Berlin by day while frequenting coffee houses and wine bars during his off hours. Here he began associating with die Freien (“the Free,” a group of Young Hegelians), often at Hippel’s wine bar on Friedrichstrasse, where he developed friendships with some of the major members of this rebellious intellectual circle like Bruno Bauer, Friedrich Engels (with whom he became duzbruder, addressed with the familiar “du”), and Arnold Ruge. Stirner’s notoriety is almost entirely due to his masterwork, Der Einzige und sein Eigentum (literally, “The Unique One and Its Property”), which is usually translated into English under the misleading title of The Ego and Its Own. Although Stirner had written and published earlier essays and reviews, the appearance of this book in late 1844 came as a shock to both his comrades of die Freien and the larger liberal and radical sociocultural milieu Continue reading

CAL Press Books

CAL Press Books CAL Press, in various incarnations, has been around since 1975. We have published a lot of material — mostly tabloids, magazines, leaflets and posters — during that time, including a few books. The books include the following published works and works in progress. Future Primitive  by John Zerzan. (1994) A collection of some of John Zerzan’s best work, reprinted from Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, and co-published with Autonomedia (Brooklyn, NY). Anarchy after Leftism by Bob Black. (1997) This is a classic rebuttal of Murray Bookchin’s incoherent, ideological tirade titled Social Anarchism and Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm. Elements of Refusal by John Zerzan. (1999) A second, expanded edition of the original, best and most important collection of John Zerzan’s writings, including essays that originally appeared in the Telos journal and the Fifth Estate newspaper. Published in both hardcover and paperback editions. Stirner’s Critics by Max Stirner, translated by Wolfi Landstreicher, with an introduction by Jason McQuinn. (2012) This is a complete translation of Max Stirner’s published response to the critics of The Unique and Its Own (Der Einzige und sein Eigentum), including both “Stirner’s Critics” and “The Philosophical Reactionaries.” The Unique and Its Own by Max Stirner, translated by Steven Byington, edited with a new introduction by Jason McQuinn. (Projected publication this coming winter 2013-2014.)  

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed ARTICLE ARCHIVE

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed — ARTICLE ARCHIVE Articles will be posted as text and pdf scans as time allows. Currently no Issue scans are completed, but we hope to begin posting selected issues in the near future in the Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed Issue Archive. Our goal will be to post at least one individual article or issue scan each month. Select from the linked articles below! A brief interview with Noam Chomsky on anarchy, civilization and technology — with AJODA staffers Lev Chernyi, Toni Otter, Noa and Avid Darkly, from Anarchy #29, Summer 1991, pages 27 & 29. Chomsky interview – pdf version.  

A brief interview with Noam Chomsky on anarchy, civilization & technology

This very brief interview was obtained immediately after Noam Chomsky arrived in Columbia, Missouri to deliver a lecture on “The New World Order” on April 1, 1991. Unfortunately, when taping began in the middle of our conversation, Noam announced that he had to leave in 5 minutes, so any plans for a more organized and extensive interview had to be scrapped. Anarchy magazine staffers Lev Chernyi, Toni Otter, Avid Darkly and Noa participated in the discussion. This is what we talked about once the recording began – as Noam answered a question regarding his perception of North American anarchists.   Noam Chomsky: …I think if you counted up the number of people who would regard themselves as involved or sympathetic you’d get a pretty large number, but this doesn’t necessarily mean much, because the connections are pretty weak. Lev Chernyi: I was curious if you try to any extent to keep up with the anarchist press in the U.S. or North America? Noam: Yes, I guess I subscribe to most of it – more out of duty than anything else I guess. Lev: Do you ever read Fifth Estate, for example? Noam: Yes. Lev: Do you have any sympathy for their anti-civilization perspective? Noam: Not a lot. I mean I’ve always felt much more attuned with the parts of the anarchist movement that were interested in and took for granted the existence of industrial society and wanted to make it Continue reading

Anarchy Archive — First series: #1 – #58

Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed ISSUE ARCHIVE – to #58/Fall-Winter 2004-05 Issues will be posted as pdf scans — and major articles and art will be posted as individual files — as time allows. Currently no issue scans are completed, but we hope to begin posting selected issues — along with individual articles — in the near future. Our goal will be to post at least one individual article or issue scan each month. Click on linked issues below to check what is currently available. Anarchy #58 / Fall-Winter 2004-2005 (Volume 22, Number 2) Anarchy #57 / Spring-Summer 2004 (Volume 22, Number 1) Anarchy #56 / Fall-Winter 2003-2004 (Volume 21, Number 2) Anarchy #55 / Spring-Summer 2003 (Volume 21, Number 1) Anarchy #54 / Fall-Winter 2002-2003 (Volume 20, Number 2) Anarchy #53 / Spring-Summer 2002 (Volume 20, Number 1) Anarchy #52 / Fall-Winter 2001-2002 (Volume 19, Number 2) Anarchy #51 / Spring-Summer 2001 (Volume 19, Number 1) Anarchy #50 / Fall-Winter 2000-2001 (Volume 18, Number 2) Anarchy #49 / Spring-Summer 2000 (Volume 18, Number 1) Anarchy #48 / Fall-Winter 1999-2000 (Volume 17, Number 2) Anarchy #47 / Spring-Summer 1999 (Volume 17, Number 1) Anarchy #46 / Fall-Winter 1998-1999 (Volume 16, Number 2) Anarchy #45 / Spring-Summer 1998 (Volume 16, Number 1) Anarchy #44 / Fall-Winter 1997-1998  (Volume 15, Number 2) Anarchy #43 / Spring-Summer 1997 (Volume 15, Number 1) Anarchy #42 / Fall 1995 (Volume 14, Number 4) Anarchy Continue reading

The Unique & Its Own Project

The Unique & Its Own Project Long overdue is a revision of the original English translation of both the title and the text of Max Stirner’s masterwork Der Einzige und sein Eigentum. The original English translation by Steven T. Byington was published by Benjamin Tucker in 1907 with (as Tucker readily admitted) an erroneous title, The Ego and Its Own, that has ever after heavily and directly contributed to the extensive and continuing misinterpretation of Stirner’s work. In order to at long last begin to counter the egregious effects of this erroneous title — and the occasional inappropriate references to “the ego” in the text — the title and textual translations are being revised, and will be published with annotations and a new introduction by Jason McQuinn (CAL Press, projected date: December 2013) $19.95 paperback. The new title, The Unique & Its Own, will preserve the poetic impulse of the original English-language title, while omitting the completely needlessly mystifying reference to a generic concept of “The Ego” in favor of the much more appropriate use of “The Unique,” referring to Stirner’s central — ultimately indefinable and non-conceptual — figure. For Stirner, “The Unique” can only name a person by pointing to her or him, but does not and cannot in any way conceptualize that person except in a manner that is completely empty of determinate conceptual content. Along with Wolfi Landstreicher’s new English translation-in-progress — that is planned to be Continue reading

Stirner’s Critics book project

Stirner’s Critics by Max Stirner Translated by Wolfi Landstreicher with an introduction by Jason McQuinn (Published by CAL Press & LBC Books, December 2012) 128 pages. $12.00 Stirner’s Critics includes the first and only complete English-language translation of Max Stirner’s original replies to his major critics in both ”Stirner’s Critics” and “The Philosophical Reactionaries.”                          . . . . . View pdfs Stirner’s Critics full book cover Introduction to Stirner’s Critics by Jason McQuinn “Stirner’s Critics” by Max Stirner (pdf not yet available) “The Philosophical Reactionaries” by Max Stirner (pdf not yet available)   $12.00 Stirner’s Critics translated by Wolfi Landstreicher (paper) Add to cart