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Stirner’s Critics book project

Stirner’s Critics by Max Stirner

Translated by Wolfi Landstreicher with an introduction by Jason McQuinn (Published by CAL Press & LBC Books, December 2012) 128 pages. $12.00

Stirner’s Critics includes the first and only complete English-language translation of Max Stirner’s original replies to his major critics in both ”Stirner’s Critics” and “The Philosophical Reactionaries.”
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Stirner’s Critics full-size book cover

Introduction to Stirner’s Critics by Jason McQuinn

Translator’s Preface by Wolfi Landstreicher

“Stirner’s Critics” by Max Stirner, translated by Wolfi Landstreicher

“The Philosophical Reactionaries” by Max Stirner, translated by Wolfi Landstreicher

$12.00 Stirner’s Critics translated by Wolfi Landstreicher (paper)

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